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Beach Destinations: Puerto Morelos Cancun

Things to Do in the Riviera Maya: Endless Adventures

The Riviera Maya beach is calling, imagine digging your toes into the soft white sands as we show you some of the best things to do in Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya beach is a great place for the old classics, building sand castles, burying each other in the sand, heating up with a game of beach volleyball then refreshing in the turquoise waters of the sea. Relax with an icy cold margarita as you listen to the waves, but remember, there are sooo many things to do in Riviera Maya, get out, explore and discover the magic!

Puerto Morelos Cancun Vacations in Puerto Morelos

Be a castaway for a day: Visit a Mexican Caribbean island and live the tropical life

Island tours from the Riviera Maya are a fantastic way to set sail for adventure. An Isla Mujeres excursion brings you to a small island near Cancun that was once a refuge for pirates and is now a fabulous destination for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. Visiting Holbox Island from the Riviera Maya is a journey to a remote piece of paradise, untouched beaches and one of the best places in the world to swim with whale sharks, the biggest fish in the sea! A Cozumel day trip from the Riviera Maya brings you to the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, known for its world-class reefs and diving.

Riviera Maya Cenotes: Refreshing jungle oases with a fascinating folklore and history

Riviera Maya cenotes are “sinkholes” in the porous limestone of the Yucatan Peninsula that develop over thousands of years. The “young” cenotes are enclosed caves and caverns with stalagmites and stalactites creating an unforgettable landscape. “Older” cenotes are open to the sky, perfect places to enjoy a swim or a zipline splashdown.

Endless Riviera Maya activities for the whole family
What to do in Puerto Morelos The first look at the Mexican Caribbean

Riviera Maya cenotes are considered sacred to the Maya people. They are the entrance to the underworld and the only source of freshwater in the region, relics have been found from thousands of years ago showing offerings and altars in the caves. The cenotes are connected via a network of underground rivers, the largest network of its kind in the world! You can practice “spelunking” as you explore the Riviera Maya cenotes and caves, a visit to a truly magical place

Riviera Maya tours in history, culture, nature and adventure: Delight all your senses in the Yucatan Peninsula

There are so many things to do in Riviera Maya, one trip is never enough. You will want to return again and again to explore and discover all the hidden corners and incredible wonders of the best Riviera Maya tours and attractions. Take a trip back in time with an ancient Mayan city tour to Chichen Itza, Tulum or Coba, immerse yourself in history and culture. Adventure lovers can get their adrenaline flowing in a Riviera Maya zipline adventure or ATV tour in the lush jungle, fulfilling your need for speed! Rappel into a cenote, drive a jet ski over the waves, fly high in a parasail adventure, visit an ecopark like Xcaret or Xelha, the activities in the Riviera Maya are made for all ages and styles of travelers.

Riviera Maya nightlife: Fine dining, exciting Playa del Carmen nightclubs and extravagant theatrical productions

The Riviera Maya nightlife is truly unparalleled. World-class fine dining in award winning restaurants, Playa del Carmen nightclubs that will have you dancing all night long or theatrical extravaganzas like the Riviera Maya Cirque du Soleil show “Joya”. A slow cruise down the canals of Xoximilco with live music, gourmet Mexican cuisine and unlimited tequila is a night to remember.

Let’s plan your Riviera Maya vacation today! Contact us now to book your Riviera Maya trip of a lifetime at The Royal Haciendas by Royal Reservations! We will find you the perfect room and the ideal things to do in the Riviera Maya for you and the whole family.

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