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Terms & Conditions Of Use

Reservation Terms & Conditions

Once a reservation is completed it will be generated based on the room selected and number of guests entered; rooms are subject to maximum occupancy rules set by the Resort; If more guests check in to the same room, guest must consider an extra guest fee, also the room category might require to be upgraded and / or an additional room might need to be reserved; one or more of these options can join together depending on the room capacity. (Additional fees may apply).

Once your booking is confirmed, your rate will be secured and will not be modified as long as the reservation remains the same; however, if the arrival date and/or departure date and/or the number of guests and/or the room type is modified or any other modification is performed to the original reservation, the price might be adjusted to the current rates available at the time of such modification in Royal Reservations, Royal Reservations reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice.

In order to avoid credit card frauds, guests will be required to present the actual credit card used for the reservation payment and valid government-issued photo identification during check-in. In the event that the guest is using a corporate or third party credit card, (Not traveling along) an Authorization form should be signed by the card holder, also copy of credit card and Valid Government Issued ID must be provided; the Resort reserves the right to decline the check in for failure to comply with these requirements. Should this be the case, please inform in advance.

A reservation will only be accepted if it is confirmed (along with a valid reservation number) matches the record of our system. Any information contained therein which has been altered by printed or electronic media may be rejected by the Resort.

Reservation Payment, Fees, Penalties, Refunds and Chargebacks

  • The total price of the reservation will be charged in US dollars, the final charge in your local currency will be calculated based on the exchange rate applied by your bank on the day of charge.
  • Reservations without full payment will not be guaranteed, the Resort may cancel a reservation if guest fails to complete payment in accordance with the applicable payment policy.
  • Please note that no refunds will apply under any circumstances for any cancellation or modification made after check-in.
  • Early departures will be charged for the full stay.
  • Non-arrival (No shows) charges apply after the relevant time and will be charged to the credit/debit card supplied at the time of booking.  The Resort reserves the right to charge for the specific number of nights of accommodation per room booked if the guest does not show up to use a confirmed reservation.
  • Please note that refunds are long processes that could take several days before the money is reflected into the cardholder account, unfortunately this does not depend on us and once a refund is issued the time that might take would be settled between banks.
    • A refund applies when a reservation is paid in full, and/or when your reservation is eligible for a refund:
    • Credit card refund may take between 10 to 15 business days before the money is reflected in the card holder account, this must be the same credit card used on the beginning, otherwise refund will not be possible, should you need further assistance, please contact our customer service department.

Specific Resort Payment Policies

The below rules are applicable for the following Resorts

  • Mexico
    • The Royal Cancun
    • The Royal Sands
    • Grand Residences

All reservation credit card related charges for the above Resorts will appear under the name of '8887214451 ROYALRES or Royal Reservations 888-721-4451', sourced from Caribbean Islands Travel LLC from Fort Lauderdale FL. USA.

When choosing direct Credit Card payment with the above properties, the reservation charge will be performed between 30 to 14 days before the arrival date, this in accordance with the applicable payment policy for your reservation, the payment date may vary depending on the season. Any reservation booked within the payment window of your applicable payment policy will be charged immediately. For further guidance, please consult your payment policy when booking.

Promotions and Inclusions Terms & Conditions

Complementary transportation, Resort credits, tour credits, spa credit, restaurant credits, discount coupons, tour packages, gift baskets and many other products are available only on selected Royal Reservations exclusive packages, these and any other products seen or advertised on the Royal Reservations official website will be honored only if the following conditions are met.

  • The reservation is made through Royal Reservations direct channels (Call Center or Official Website),
  • Such inclusion is included in your reservation and backed up in your confirmation letter
  • Such inclusion is part of the existing array of inclusions and is available in our system at the time of staying
  • Such inclusion is available and applicable at your Resort

Restrictions apply; please consult your reservation details for further information.

If a guest happens to purchase a stay for any of our properties through an online travel agency, wholesaler, marketing program or any other provider different than Royal Reservations direct channels, all promotions seen or advertised on our website will not be available for them.

Cancellations Terms & Conditions

Free cancellation policy

When booking directly at Royal Reservations depending on the season and on your applicable cancellation policy, you could cancel your reservation free of charge between 30 to up to 1 day before the arrival date, this will be showed during the booking process and will be displayed within our terms and conditions, when accepting terms and conditions you confirm acknowledge of such.

Forced cancellation policy

In some scenarios, Royal Reservations reserves the right to cancel a confirmed if it fails to comply the following conditions:

  • If a reservations fails to complete full payment in accordance to the applicable payment policy (if you have problems to complete payment, please contact our customer service department for options)
  • If a reservation confirmation letter is suspected of being altered whether via electronic or printed media
  • If a confirmed and fully paid reservation receives a chargeback claim
  • If a reservation is suspected of being made with a fraudulent credit card
  • If the primary guest does not show up and/or if the credit card used to make the reservation is not carried up front and/or the reservation was made with a third party/corporate credit card(should this be the case, please contact our customer service department for options)

Also, Royal Reservations reserves the right to cancel a confirmed reservation if such reservation is issued with wrong information, mistaken or inexistent rate plans or any other honest mistake that may incur in misleading information thus a chance to cause a poor vacation experience to our guest, we will do our best in order to avoid such scenario, however in the event that such scenario becomes real, our customer service department will contact the affected customer in order to reach a fair agreement between both parties.

Room Hold Terms & Conditions

When you book directly at the Royal Reservations official website, if at the time of confirmation you are not completely sure of completing your reservation, you can hold your selection keeping the price, room type, rate plan or package you have selected previously.

When making a Room Hold, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to return and confirm your reservation; there will be no charge until you have confirmed the reservation, this hold will remain active in our system for a certain number of hours starting from the time the Room Hold is made, that time may vary depending on the resort where the Room Hold is made and in the confirmation letter you will be informed on how long this Room Hold will remain active.

Once this Room Hold has expired, the price, room type, rate plan and/or package you have selected within that Room Hold will no longer be available for future use, although it is very likely that all of the above will still be available on our site to book, Royal Reservations reserves the right to modify prices, rate plans and packages without prior notice, therefore, once your selection has expired, we cannot guarantee that you will get the same price, rate plan or package you choose in the beginning, however, be sure that you will always get the deal guaranteed.