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The Puerto Morelos lighthouse is an iconic attraction

The Puerto Morelos Lighthouse: Iconic Attractions in the Riviera Maya

The Puerto Morelos lighthouse is an iconic attraction in the Mexican Caribbean, an ideal photo stop and a testament to the strength and perseverance of the people of Puerto Morelos. The “leaning lighthouse of Puerto Morelos” is located on the main pier of town, where fishermen gather to show off their catch and snorkel boats come and go to the nearby reef.

The first lighthouse of Puerto Morelos was erected way back in 1905, little more than a pole with a light to warn boats of the coral reef that sits just offshore. The second lighthouse, the one we know and love today was built in 1946, made of cement and painted white and blue. In 1967 Hurricane Beulah hit the town and the foundation of the lighthouse was severely damaged, causing it to tilt precariously. Attempts were made to remove the tower but all failed and it was decided that the tilted lighthouse will stand as a monument, perhaps the most famous Puerto Morelos attraction.

The first lighthouse of Puerto Morelos Visiting the Puerto Morelos lighthouse today

A third lighthouse was built in 1968 and it too was damaged by a hurricane, the unforgettable Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Major renovations and upgrades were completed in 2016 and this third lighthouse continues to protect the reef and the boaters at sea.

The Puerto Morelos Lighthouse: A Gathering Place on the Seashore

Visiting the Puerto Morelos lighthouse today is more than just a photo stop (though you will definitely want to capture the memory). It is located near the center square of Puerto Morelos and the pier, a lively and dynamic place to gather and soak in the fishing village vibes.

Walk to the end of the Puerto Morelos pier and see what the fishermen are bringing in, taste the freshest ceviche of your life and savor a treat from the “candy man” with his tray of Mexican sweets. Sitting by the Puerto Morelos lighthouse you can just slow down, relax, people watch and forget about the world. The sounds of the waves, the smell of saltwater and the heat of the sun on your shoulders as you rest against the unbreakable base of the Puerto Morelos lighthouse will give you a sense of peace and stability and strength.

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