Puerto Morelos

Best known for being a quaint sleepy fishing village, Puerto Morelos boasts some of the best beaches of the Mexican Caribbean to relax and have a good time; and Playa Azul, Playa Ojo de Agua as well as Playa Bonita are three of its beautiful jewels.

Although small, this friendly town has hundreds of activities to do, from shopping at any of the two flea markets and small boutiques offering an excellent and warm service; visiting amazing natural attractions as the Puerto Morelos National Coral Reef Park, the Botanical Garden and touring the Cenote Route (Ruta de los Cenotes); to walking its streets and enjoy a nice bohemian afternoon to the sound of the waves, at the plaza surrounded by traditional cafeterias, restaurants, etc. Another activity you must do to know more about the Maya culture is visiting the archaeological sites near Puerto Morelos, such as Chichen Itza and El Meco.

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Culinary Experience in Puerto Morelos

Culinary Experience in Puerto Morelos

This small magic fishing village will not disappoint you when it comes to fresh fish and seafood. At Puerto Morelos you will taste here some of the finest sea and  international cuisine dishes, for aside from proud fishermen bringing the freshest of the sea to your table, there are foreign chefs and cuisine lovers eager to serve you delicacies from the Uruguayan, Mediterranean, Italian, French and naturally delicious Mexican food restaurants.