Adventure Trips With Royal Reservations

Royal Reservations Takes You Where Adventure Is

Nothing like enjoying the beach and the sea for a fabulous vacation, and if you want to live an unforgettable experience, then the adventures that you will live in our destinations of the Caribbean Islands and the Mexican Caribbean, will fill your days with fun and adrenaline.  

Discover the amazing amount of ecotourism and adventure activities you can do in paradises such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya; take a swift trip on zip lines, tour the jungle in ATVs, jump to the fresh crystalline waters of cenotes, fly over the water on jetpack and a lot more. And if you want more adventure for your vacations, then Curacao, St. Maarten and Punta Cana will be an excellent option for a horseback riding on the beach or to take a buggy ride, discover mountains and caverns, windsurf, etc.

Have the best vacations full of adventures, excitement and action in the best destinations only with Royal Reservations.

Adventure Experiences Cancun

Cancun is synonymous with the most incredible adventures of the Mexican Caribbean! Let us take you on an adrenaline-filled trip with the great array of activities we have prepared for you and your companions. Live the pirates on a show full of fun and music; make friends with dolphins and other lovely sea creatures or visit a nearby island blessed with the natural beauties of the Caribbean.

Say Ahoy! Your new crew of fellow pirates is waiting for you at the Jolly Roger Pirate Show. Live the most incredible adventure experience while sailing in a pirate’s ship, and get ready for a ferocious battle against your pirate enemies. Wield your sword, sing your song, toast and dine in Cancun.

The Marina Aquaworld in Cancun Hotel Zone, is a good spot to visit during your amazing Cancun vacations. Experience a great adventure time with the many activities you will be able to do facing the Nichupte Lagoon. Snorkel and dive, do parasailing, jetski and other water sports in the Caribbean Sea.

An amazing adventure experience is yet to be lived in a swim with dolphins tour in Cancun. Give yourself the chance to interact with these beautiful and intelligent sea creatures; let them give you a kiss and a lovely hug. In this incredible program you will also learn about your dolphin friends.

Cancun, in the Mexican Caribbean, will show you an amazing underwater world full of colorful and friendly creatures living in harmony at their coral reef home. Snorkeling in Cancun will leave an unforgettable imprint in your memory and your heart. Don’t miss this incredible water adventure.

Ventura Park in Cancun Hotel Zone is an amusement park you have to visit on your next vacations to this incredible destination. This park facing the sea has an incredible variety of water and land activities and attractions for kids and adults. Enjoy the waterslides, go karts, zip lines and more.

A fabulous paradise island emerges from the beautiful waters of the Mexican Caribbean to provide with one of the best adventure experiences in Cancun. At Isla Mujeres you will find a great adventure everywhere, visit Garrafon Park to swim with dolphins, snorkel at Playa Norte and discover Punta Sur.

Live the utmost adventure experience in Cancun

To visit Cancun is synonymous with having the most incredible and fun adventures of all times! Here you will live all kinds of adrenaline experiences for all tastes and ages, and after that you will be able to rest comfortably at any of our incredible resorts boasting breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Book now with Royal Reservations and make the most of your adventure trip to Cancun.

Adventure Experiences Puerto Morelos

Your adventure in Puerto Morelos has just started with Royal Reservations! Live incredible experiences where fun and adrenaline will be the main ingredients of your vacation in the Mexican Caribbean. Fly over the skies of the jungle in fast zip lines; refresh in the clear waters of an amazing cenote or cast your rod to see what you catch in the blue Caribbean Sea. All you have to do is have fun!

Are you ready for a great adventure walking among prehistoric creatures? Put your courage to test at Crococun Zoo and learn about the incredible life, feeding requirements and other interesting information on crocodiles. You will also be able to interact with other amazing animals at the zoo.

Are you interested in a fishing adventure in the Mexican Caribbean? Puerto Morelos will become one of your favorite sport fishing spots during your vacations thanks to its amazing array of fishing tours. Cast your rod to catch a Blue Marlin or prepare to participate in an exciting fishing tournament.

If you are one of those travelers searching for great adventures in the heights, then zip lining in Puerto Morelos will give you an unforgettable fun experience to tell your friends and family back home. Delve into the jungle to live this exciting adventure in zip lines at Xplor, Boca del Puma, etc.

Have you ever heard about cenotes? Now is the moment to visit these sacred natural marvels in the route of the cenotes in Puerto Morelos. Take a tour around the area in order to know the most impressive ones and swim or snorkel in their refreshing and crystal clear waters to revitalize your spirit.

Whether you are an expert diver or want to try this exciting activity for the first time, Puerto Morelos offers you an incredible diving experience to visit an underwater world boasting a beautiful and healthy coral reef ecosystem where colorful fish, sponges, rays, eels and maybe some turtles!

Puerto Morelos is your next adventure

At Puerto Morelos you will become an explorer, a treasure finder, a natural lover and a real adventurer through all the incredibly fun and entertaining activities there is to do in this Mexican Caribbean destination facing the blue sea. Enjoy your adventure experience to the max, book your stay at our luxury beachfront resort offering you only exclusive amenities and luxury accommodations.

Adventure Experiences Playa del Carmen

Looking for endless adventures during your vacations? Playa del Carmen varied activities offer will take your adventure experience to another level of fun! Just choose among exploring the Maya jungle to drive an ATV at full speed, swim in a refreshing cenote or fly the skies on fast zip lines. And if you feel more adventurous, we invite you to swim with sharks!!! Live it up with Royal Reservations.

A sacred and magic place, formed through millions of years by the power of nature and water, is waiting for you to discover it! Come to live an unforgettable experience in a fantastic cenote (sink hole), swim or dive in its crystalline and refreshing waters to explore its underwater treasures.

Visit two emblematic Mayan archaeological sites in the Yucatan Peninsula in a tour that will lead you through the past of an ancient civilization with the knowledge and wisdom required to build the monumental structures and stelae. Enjoy a Tulum and Coba tour from Playa del Carmen in a like no other.

The excitement and adrenaline you will experience on this ATV tour will be something you will want to repeat once and again! Playa del Carmen brings this tour in which you’ll drive a fast ATV across the Mayan jungle. Explore amazing unspoiled trails and have the time of your life while on vacations.

Let your adventurous spirit out and dare to fly the skies of Playa del Carmen in the incredible theme parks this destination has for you. Places such as Xplor and Selvatica, among others, will be the perfect place to live an incredible adventure experience and make the most of your vacations.

Are you ready to experience an extreme adventure in Playa del Carmen? This is your chance to proof your courage! Swimming with sharks may seem like a pretty dangerous activity to do, but these friendly sharks will show you the best of them. Get to know them and have a great time with them.

Are you looking for an adventure that involves biking with all levels of difficulty, in three different routes? Then Punta Venado Park is the right place for you! Delve in the jungle and enjoy a great day of exercise and relaxation. Visit the beach club to relax with a delicious drink and a snack.

Playa del Carmen takes you where adventure is!

This cosmopolitan destination in the Mexican Caribbean is here to bring you the best adventure experience, and Royal Reservations will make sure you live it all and explore every corner of it! Just book your stay at the magnificent beachfront resort option we have for you in this amazing destination and enjoy the best of accommodations with incredible amenities and superb services.

Adventure Experiences Riviera Maya

Adventure is calling you in the Riviera Maya with incredible activities, watersports and attractions for you to do! Discover a water complex where wakeboard, wakesurf, barefoot and more are taken to another level; and if you want something for the whole family, then visit any of the Riviera Maya theme parks like Xcaret or Xel-ha. Fun days are guaranteed in the Riviera Maya, with Royal Reservations.

Adventure and fun are guaranteed in this incredible park in the Riviera Maya, the Mayan Water Complex! This place combines the best of water, speed and excitement and it is suitable for everyone, since there are activities for everyone to have a blast living a unique experience.

The Riviera Maya presents you with one of its greatest attractions, Xcaret Park Mexico! Live the Mexican and Mayan culture at its best, through the amazing array of activities, natural marvels, restaurants and shows available for you in Xcaret, one of the best parks in Mexicio and the world.

The secrets of the ancient Maya civilization will be revealed to you through the impressive beachfront structures at Tulum archaeological site. Walk or ride a bike in the jungle to discover the magnificent Coba ruins and the incredible stelae that mention the end of the Mayan calendar.

Let yourself be dazzled by the magic of cenotes (sink holes), ancient places shaped through millions of years by mother nature and which Maya people considered as sacred sanctuaries. Submerge in the refreshing and clear blue waters of cenotes to revitalize your body and soul in the Riviera Maya.

Endless adventures await you in Xel-Ha Park in the Riviera Maya! This incredible natural spot located in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean will provide you with a super fun and entertaining experience, ideal for the whole family. Visit this great theme park and do all the activities!

Over the top of the trees, you will find the adventures you are looking for! Xplor Park is the place where you will live a challenging experience of flying on zip lines, paddle or swim across an underwater river and drive your own amphibious vehicle in sinuous trails deep in the Mayan jungle.

The Riviera Maya, a different adventure every day!

The Riviera Maya and its varied adventure tours and excursions offer will make you enjoy your vacation in this amazing destination; and Royal Reservations will contribute to your relaxation and rest in the lavish accommodations of a luxury beachfront resort in the Riviera Maya. Discover its exclusive amenities, restaurants, pools, etc., and do all the fun activities it has created for you!

Adventure Experiences Sint Maarten

The already traditional picture of you “touching” a plane landing is not the only thing that you will be able to do at St. Maarten, for there is a great deal of incredible and fun attractions for all tastes on this beautiful Caribbean island. Aside from enjoying the fun of Maho Beach, sailing, diving, snorkeling and, of course, relaxing in any spot of this paradise will be a complete delight.

Recommended Activities St. Maarten

You won’t be disappointed if you go to Maho Beach looking for the best shot of a plane landing some meters away from you! And that is not all, for you will find that the beach is nice and clean, and the water is clear and warm so that you can relax. You will live a whole new adventure experience.

Diving in St. Maarten is an amazing experience! Live this adventure at any of the incredible 55 diving spots around this beautiful island in the Caribbean. Whether you are an expert or you want to take your first diving lesson, in St. Maarten you will find the best diving tour for you.

Adventures also take place offshore St. Maarten! Give yourself the chance to experience the feeling of sailing the Caribbean Sea and discover other incredible islands where you will be able to relax and even be the captain of your private yacht or catamaran chart. Live great adventures at the sea.

St. Maarten is a paradise for assiduous snorkelers. If you want to live a great experience snorkeling in the Caribbean blue waters then this beautiful island will provide you with the best spots to do it. Try Pinel Island, Happy Bay Beach, Creole Rock and please don’t miss the sea facing Simpson Bay.

St. Maarten, where adventures are endless

Live endless adventures in the beautiful St. Maarten and get to visit both sides of this incredible Caribbean island, the French and the Dutch ones. To ensure that you have a more pleasant vacation, Royal Reservations has the best beachfront and Marina resorts so that you can rest and relax after a day full of adrenaline. Book now and live comfortable accommodations, great amenities and more!

Adventure Experiences Curacao

Get ready for Curacao! Adventures are around the corner on this fabulous island of the Caribbean. There is a great deal of entertainment and fun options for everyone to have a blast while on vacations. Prepare your rod for a nice fishing time; take a vertiginous buggy or jeep ride on the beach; discover the sea and its many facets while swimming with dolphins or doing some snorkeling and diving.

Curacao is a great Caribbean island to have a great fishing adventure! This paradise is a magnet for fish, which is a guarantee that you will have a good catch. Deep sea fishing is a great option for big catches, but if you don’t want to go off shore, then shore fishing will meet your expectations.

Do you want to have a great time? The Jeep Buggy tour is the best option for you! It all begins with a jeep or buggy ride on the asphalt road and once you have master the accelerator, it is the time to get fast and dusty at the dunes. Wear a bandana, tennis shoes and get ready to get dirty.

Prepare to live this adventure tour in close connection with some of the most incredible sea creatures, the dolphins. Your experience of swimming with dolphins will be enlightening, fun and full of love. Every swim with dolphins program is unique and fulfilling both at sea and in a natural lagoon.

Submerge in the clear and warm waters of the Caribbean, in an unforgettable scuba diving adventure in Curacao. Board your boat to get to the diving hot spots near the island or do some shore diving if you prefer it; places like Mambo Beach will enhance your diving experience.

In Curacao, adrenaline will reach to the top through the incredible amount of sailing options you will have at hand. Try sailing a nice boat or paddling your way on a kayak; and if you are a romantic adventurous then the private yacht charters or the sunset and full moon boat trips are your thing.

The best snorkeling adventure is here on Curacao island! Come and delve in the amazing waters of the Caribbean, you don’t need to be and expert swimmer for there are snorkeling options for beginners and up. At Lagun, Forti, Kalki and Mambo beaches you’ll get to see incredible sea creatures.

Have you ever been in a tuk tuk? This is your chance to have a fun adventure touring the city in Curacao. Explore every corner of Willemstad in a comfortable tuk tuk and learn about the vast history of this World Heritage city, its architecture and important places on an amazing guided tour.

The best of adventures is here in Curacao

This Caribbean destination is an adventure island itself! Curacao will give you a great time through the super fun adventure and extreme activities full of adrenaline that you will find everywhere on the island. After a day of extreme laughing and enjoyment, rest and unwind in your suite or villa of our incredible resort facing the Marina and live its views, the exclusive amenities and services.

Adventure Experiences Punta Cana

Punta Cana, a great adventure destination in the Dominican Republic, will make you have a great experience through ecotourism excursions in enigmatic caves for you to explore, full speed rides on buggies or jeeps by the beach, exclusive fishing tours and theme parks with a whole bunch of incredible activities for kids and adults to have fun. Let your adventurous spirit out with Royal Reservations.

Walk into the jungle, cross hanging bridges and follow staircases to discover one of the best kept secrets of Punta Cana, Hoyo Azul Cave! Enjoy the fresh and crystal clear blue waters of this fantastic underground spot, let yourself go with the flow and live this amazing and unbelievable experience.

Leave the comfort of your resort and the relaxation of the beach behind to live an extraordinary adventure in Punta Cana, in a tour where you will drive a jeep to the outback of the Dominican Republic. Start the engine of your buggy and get ready to rip up the road to have a great family time.

Live adrenaline-filled extreme adventures in Bavaro Adventure Park in Punta Cana. In Bavaro Park you will have 15 incredible attractions for all ages and tastes to choose. Enjoy a fun paintball game, do some horseback riding, fly on zip lines, have fun zorbing downhill, refresh in the waterfall pool.

A fascinating adventure is waiting for you to give you the best time during your vacation, while going further into the Dominican jungle. Iguabonita Cave will take you on a walk by the slopes of El Farfallón cliff and once on the top, your underground guided tour experience will begin.

If you are looking for a fishing tour in Punta Cana while on vacations, the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic will present you with a fishing adventure full of challenges. Prepare your best rod, set sail on a comfortable ship and test your luck to see if you can get the biggest catch.

Punta Cana a paradise full of adventures

The amazing and fun adventures you will experience in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, will leave you with a big smile on your face, and the magnificence of your lavish accommodations in any of our luxury resorts in the destination will keep it that way. Book your stay with Royal Reservations to live the excellent amenities, impeccable facilities and fist-class service provided to you.