Royal Reservations weddings and honeymoon

An Unforgettable Experience Awaits You With Royal Reservations

Every new start deserves an unforgettable trip to amazing wedding and honeymoon destinations. Royal Reservations knows the importance of an event of this magnitude, which is why it boasts the most beautiful beach destinations to make that special day, an extraordinary experience.

Say "yes" in front of the sea of Cancun, in Playa del Carmen or in the Riviera Maya, of the Mexican Caribbean; and for your honeymoon travel to the Caribbean Islands, St. Maarten, Curacao and Punta Cana, or vice versa. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that you will live moments of great joy and unique experiences with cultural and sport activities, and places of interest that you can enjoy with your significant other.

Experience the perfect combination of romance, fun and relaxation in the Caribbean with Royal Reservations.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Cancun

Let us be part of your love celebration by providing you with an experience in which romance will be the guest of honor. During your wedding or honeymoon vacation in Cancun there are various fun and entertaining activities for you to do as a couple such as a romantic dinner on a restaurant or on a cruise ship, a nice photo session on the beach or a diving/snorkeling visit to an underwater museum.

Fall in love once and again in the Caribbean Sea, on board of a cruise ship and experience a memorable honey moon vacation in Cancun. Celebrate also after your wedding day, with this cruise offering a delectable dinner perfect to delight your senses and live a romantic night at sea.

Jason deCaires Taylor presents you with one of the most beautiful art exhibitions you will ever see under the sea, at the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) in Cancun. Submerge in the depths of the Caribbean to gaze into the 500 life-sized permanent sculptures that will help increase coral life.

Picture yourself in a wedding photo session trashing the dress in the sea and on some of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun, and make it real in an experience that will last forever in your hearts. Also, preserve the memories of your marvelous honeymoon in Cancun with an incredible photo session.

A fantastic story will be told to you in Tulum archaeological site during your wedding trip or honeymoon vacation. Stroll around the ruins of a great Mayan settlement located on a cliff, facing the Caribbean Sea and contemplate the greatness of this civilization through its structures and monuments.

Cancun will be the perfect setting for a romantic dinner by the Caribbean Sea or by the Nichupte Lagoon. Experience romance at its best after your wedding day or to celebrate your honeymoon trip with delicious dishes from the best cuisine around the world, at sunset or under the moonlight.

Cancun a honeymoon getaway and wedding destination

Cancun is the perfect getaway to live a memorable wedding on the beach or an incredible cultural and fun honeymoon trip. Everything here will be a fabulous experience for you and your live-in lover, enjoy it to the maximum by booking, with Royal Reservations, your stay in our magnificent beachfront resorts boasting excellent accommodations, exclusive amenities and unbeatable service.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Puerto Morelos

Love is a celebration of life and in Puerto Morelos you will have one of the best wedding or honeymoon experiences, for this peaceful destination has the exact amount of tranquility and also fun for both of you to enjoy. Reserve a romantic dinner facing the Caribbean Sea, do some bike riding or walk on the beach together, and if you prefer to do a water activity, then snorkeling is a great option.

Go local and go for a bike ride for two before your wedding day arrives or discover the romance in touring this quaint fishing village that has a lot to offer you. From delicious varied restaurants, going through souvenir shacks, a marine research center and a crocodiles zoo, you will enjoy the ride.

For a lovely experience for you two after your big wedding day or during your honeymoon, take a walk on the nice beaches of Puerto Morelos, get some time to refresh in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean and enjoy the views as well as the company of your significant other.

This is will be a dream come true for you and your life partner; a way to create new memories, but this time with your close family included. Bring that amazingly beautiful day to life again and make it even more special in the fabulous beaches of Puerto Morelos, with the sea as your witness.

Your honeymoon vacation in Puerto Morelos will be redefined by an underwater wonderful snorkeling adventure. Explore together the incredible coral reef barriers around this quaint wedding destination and make new marine friends such as colorful fish, turtles, grays, sponges and more.

Puerto Morelos nightlife includes romance as one of the most important elements spending your honeymoon or wedding experience there. Delight in meals served at the various restaurants by the beach that you will find on your way to a magnificent culinary experience for two.

Puerto Morelos your next wedding destination

Take a plane to this unique romantic wedding destination and get to live an everlasting moment facing the Caribbean Sea. Travel here for your dream honeymoon and delight in the views, and the activities you will be able to do together; and to make your visit even better, stay at our luxury beachfront resort that will provide you with amazing accommodations, amenities and world-class services.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Playa del Carmen

You are ready for a glorious wedding day and an unforgettable honeymoon vacation in Playa del Carmen, now let us share those special moments and enhance your experiences with activities that please your senses such as a temazcal ceremony, a romantic dinner, private yacht charters and lavish spa treatments. Finally, have a walk on the beach at sunrise and live your love with Royal Reservations.

Receive the beneficial and healing experience of taking a temazcal bath. Relax and even meditate inside the temazcal structure while the herbal vapors penetrate in your skin and fill your lungs with its healing properties. Live a magic and energetic experience inside the belly button of mother earth.

Your wellness romantic experience in Playa del Carmen would not be complete without a delightful and relaxing spa massage for two in which you will find the peace at mind, heart and body that you need for “the big day” and to please your partner and you on your honeymoon vacation in the Riviera Maya.

On your wedding day or during your honeymoon vacation, live a fantastic experience facing the sea of Playa del Carmen with a walk on the beach to contemplate some of the most beautiful sunrises of the Caribbean with your better half and let it be a symbol of the life that begins for you.

Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean, presents you with gorgeous ocean landscapes for you to enjoy on board of a private yacht charter ideal for a trip after your wedding or for your honeymoon trip to be even more memorable. This will be a romantic experience you will treasure in your hearts.

It is the time to let yourself be pampered and delight both before and after your big wedding day in Playa del Carmen. Enjoy the wide variety of exclusive and romantic venues we have for you two and prepare for a lovely night out to a nice restaurant on your honeymoon in Playa del Carmen.

Unforgettable weddings and honeymoons in Playa del Carmen

Spend a delightful post-wedding honeymoon vacation in Playa del Carmen, in the Mexican Caribbean or live the most incredible and memorable wedding experience in this beautiful beach destination. Live all of the above and more while staying at your comfortable and relaxing private haven in our beachfront resort. Book with Royal Reservations and get the best amenities and services while on vacations.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Riviera Maya

You are starting a new wonderful love story, let us provide you with a great wedding and honeymoon experience to create beautiful and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime through activities to enjoy as a couple, such as a relaxing massage for two, private jungle adventures, a romantic dinner at moonlight or a horseback riding tour. Royal Reservations will be your perfect accomplice.

Before your memorable wedding day, get yourself a soothing aromatherapy or Swedish massage to be ready to "say yes!" in Riviera Maya. And for a pleasant honeymoon experience for the newlyweds, nothing like enjoying a relaxing body or facial treatment at the candlelight or by the amazing sea.

Aside from a delicious seven-course fine dinner prepared by the hands of an expert chef, with the best Mexican savors, in this experience you will get to live Mexico and its colors through the Xcaret México Espectacular show, all in a romantic time perfect for you to enjoy at your honeymoon vacation.

Live an incredible moment in a private jungle excursion for two, in order for your wedding experience or your honeymoon vacation in the Riviera Maya to be a whole new adventure to remember. Do this incredible activity in this amazing wedding destination and live it up together!

Create incredible experiences as a couple so that you remember your wedding and your honeymoon vacation as one of the best times of your life. Ride a horse on the beach together and get to even swim with this magnificent creature; or spend great moments riding in the jungle and seeing exotic animals.

There is always a way to say “I love you” or to make a beautiful proposal on the beach in the Riviera Maya. So if you want to make it the most memorable time for your significant other, then book a romantic dinner and set everything for it to be as special as your better half is for you.

The Riviera Maya, a wedding and honeymoon retreat

Delight in the amazing experience of holding your wedding at one of the best destinations in the world, the Riviera Maya Mexico; spend a honeymoon to remember, doing fun and extreme adventures that will add adrenaline to your love story. Book with Royal Reservations your luxury accommodations at our lavish beachfront resort and enjoy first-class amenities, premium services and prime facilities.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Sint Maarten

Your love adventures begin in St. Maarten with a wedding and honeymoon experience that will live in your memory forever. Discover together the most beautiful sunsets on a cruise and have a lovely time strolling in Philipsburg; enjoy a romantic fine dinner at a restaurant after doing parasailing to add some adrenaline to your vacation. Live your dream experiences in paradise with Royal Reservations.

You may have witness lots of sunsets in your life, but gazing at a sunset on a cruise with the one you love, will make the perfect setting for a wedding proposal and will definitively be the most romantic experience for your other half during your honeymoon vacation in St. Maarten.

Show how much you care with a romantic and fine dinner in a restaurant in Grand Case, in the paradise island of St. Maarten. After your wedding day or in your honeymoon trip you can start your journey with a romantic dinner at a beautiful place that boasts amazing views, delicious dishes and drinks.

If you want a walk to remember in the precious island of St. Maarten, our recommendation is for you to stroll around Philipsburg. Take the hand of the one you love to walk around the city and discover the interesting history of this place, its architecture, restaurants, shopping and a beach.

To live an incredible wedding or honeymoon adventure in St. Maarten, parasailing is the activity you must try. Experience the adrenaline flying in the sky of this Caribbean island and contemplate the blue of the sea, the beaches and the coloring of the beautiful buildings of St. Maarten.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a delicious dinner and if it is a romantic dinner under the moonlight, at sunset, facing the blue sea of the Caribbean, then it is even better. St. Maarten will be the perfect setting and places such as Simpson Bay will provide you with excellent dining options.

St. Maarten, your haven of love

This may be a small island but the wedding and honeymoon experience you will live there, will be one of the biggest and most amazing moments of your whole life. Enjoy everything in this fabulous beach destination, book with us, Royal Reservations, and stay at our beautiful resorts where you will experience comfortable and well-appointed accommodations, incredible amenities and superb services.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Curacao

Your life-long love song begins here in Curacao! Let us share with you such a beautiful moment as it is your wedding or honeymoon, to make it perfect just the way you deserve it. Create the most amazing memories of your romance in a sunset sail or kayaking the blue sea; discover incredible caves and dive a mushroom forest. Make love grow every step of your love trip with Royal Reservations.

Klein Curacao, also known as Little Curacao, is a beautiful island located in the southeast coast of Curacao. Its former inhabitants left traces that tell the story of what it was in the past. Now you can visit the island for a good snorkeling and diving in its great waters, as well as sightseeing.

Curacao is waiting you with open arms and a perfect weather almost all year long, to take you on a sunset sailing adventure perfect for after your wedding day or for you to begin your journey together on a honeymoon experience that won’t forget. Toast with champagne while gazing at beautiful sunsets.

A unique experience is to be lived by you and your live-in lover in a submarine adventure where you will visit a coral reef in which almost all coral heads are mushroom-shaped, thus the name of Mushroom Forest. Follow your guide through a coral maze in a shallow diving experience of barely 40’.

Follow your hearts and the steps that take you to this incredible set of caves, formed under the sea through millions of years. Walk around the 52,743 ft2 (4,900 m2) of limestone formations, romantic natural pools, the famous Madonna statue and a water fall to live this beautiful adventure together.

While in your romantic honeymoon experience in Curacao, you cannot miss kayaking along the coastline of the island in order to see the natural marvels and some historical representative buildings. There are several places from where you can start your paddling journey to this adventure in Curacao.

Stop at Rif Fort Courtyard complex, an incredible entertainment and shopping spot in the city of Willemstad and the place where you will find the finest dining options of Curacao. Delight having a drink by the canals of the island, while seeing the beautiful pastel color Willemstad’s buildings.

Stop time while sharing your love in Curacao

Celebrate your love in a wedding and honeymoon destination that will give you amazing landscapes and sunny tropical days to fill your days with joy and fantastic adventures for two. Live this amazing beach spot in the Caribbean and book your accommodations with Royal Reservations, to make the most of the paradise-like Curacao from our incredible resort right in front of the gorgeous Caribbean Sea.

Weddings & Honeymoon Experiences Punta Cana

The romance is just beginning in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for we will make your wedding and honeymoon experience something sublime. Write new moments in the pages of your love story to fill them with memories of adventures like buggy tours or extreme zip lines. Add some romance to the equation with a horseback riding, a sweet encounter with dolphins and a visit to Catalina and Saona islands.

Set sail to Catalina island, while on your wedding or honeymoon vacation in Punta Cana, and discover the history and culture of this amazing place. Live incredible adventures flying on zip lines, dive in blue waters and relax together while walking around this charming Caribbean island.

Your Punta Cana honeymoon vacation will be an even more memorable occasion with your dolphin encounter tour. Enjoy swimming with these amazing sea friends that will shake your hand, kiss and hug you. Discover the joyful side of dolphins, learn about them and share a magic moment with them.

You have never had that much fun than by riding a fast buggy in incredible trails around Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. Prepare for this fast and dusty adventure and enjoy the views of the road that will lead you to desert beaches where you will be able to drive at full speed on the sand.

Be ready to enjoy a day full of incredible activities in Punta Cana in the Reed Explorer excursion. Live the joy of love and being together in this unique tour in which you will experience a great relaxation time on a floating island, doing snorkel, kayaking or receiving a hot stone massage and more.

Give your honeymoon in Punta Cana a highlight and live an ever-lasting experience on a horseback riding excursion on the most beautiful golden beaches of the Dominican Republic. Let the blue Caribbean Sea take your breath away and ride on the sand or into the waters to capture the best moments.

Are you ready for an exciting zip line adventure during your wedding or honeymoon vacations? Then Punta Cana has what you are seeking for! Fly the skies of the Dominican Republic and jump in an adrenaline-filled and completely safe adventure for two. Enjoy the incredible views!

While getting ready to your wedding day in Punta Cana, visit Saona island and relax on its beautiful beaches with a scenery of lined-up palm trees and a turquoise sea. Also, if you come on a honeymoon trip, have an unwinding time lying on the ivory sands and share a moment of tranquility.

Rekindle the flame of love in Punta Cana

Share a special moment with the ones you love, to celebrate moments of unparalleled joy facing the Caribbean Sea in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This will be the perfect scenery for your wedding guests to witness your eternal union; or for your honeymoon to be full of magic moments. Live all this in the relaxing ambiance of our luxury beachfront resorts with the best accommodations and amenities.