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Family vacations with Royal Reservations

Unique vacation experiences for the Whole Family

With Royal Reservations you will live a dream family vacation in any of our beautiful beach destinations in the Mexican Caribbean and the Caribbean islands. Paradises like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya will give you the warmest welcome with a captivating turquoise sea, idyllic beaches, unique cuisine and the best entertainment with activities and tours both fun and cultural, for the whole family.

Also, Curacao, St. Maarten and Punta Cana will be the perfect setting for fun, rest and unforgettable adventures, with the great variety of attractions, natural wonders, and great water and land activities and, of course, magnificent beaches with the Caribbean hallmark.  

Live a memorable experience in the company of your beloved ones, in an unparalleled family vacation with Royal Reservations.

Family Vacation Experience in Cancun

This is the right time for you and your family to live a wonderful vacation experience in Cancun with Royal Reservations! A welcoming blue sea is waiting for you to live unforgettable moments with activities like swim with dolphin programs, the pirates show and in the heart of the jungle to discover sacred cenotes. Take the little ones to the interactive aquarium or to the Kids Club at our resorts.

Your Cancun vacations have never been as fun and relaxing as in our incredible beachfront resorts, for they have incredible supervised activities for the little ones to enjoy at our super fun Kids Club for kids between 4-12 years old. Relax while your children play games, do sports and handicrafts.

During your memorable vacations in Cancun, you will find a new world for you to explore in both underground and open-air Cenotes (sink holes), amazing spots in the middle of the jungle which were sacred for the ancient Maya people. Discover these magic sanctuaries and swim in their clear blue

Swimming in the blue waters of Cancun is amazing, but swimming with dolphins in Cancun is an unbelievable activity that everybody will love! Get to know these amazing sea creatures, learn about them and live incredible moments playing with your new friends, who will give you a lovely kiss and a hug.

In Cancun you will find more than beautiful beaches and an amazing blue sea that has no match, there are also incredible water parks boasting an array of super fun attractions and activities for all ages and tastes. Have a blast in exciting and refreshing waterslides, pools, zip lines, etc.

The Interactive Aquarium Cancun is one of the greatest attractions for kids and adults that are visiting this beach destination. With more than 1,195 marine species, in this incredible place you can interact with the sea creatures in the interaction tanks, it has an auditorium, fish tanks and more.

Ahoy pirate! Join a crew of pirates in search of amazing treasures and witness an incredible battle in which only the best pirates will win. Sail the seas of Cancun in an adventure suitable for the whole family, full of adrenaline, swords, cannons and toasts to the rhythm of great pirate’s hymns.

A jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, Isla Mujeres is one of the most amazing islands near Cancun. There you will have an incredible time snorkeling and diving, its clear waters are perfect for this activity. Plus, you will delight your sight in Punta Sur and your palate in excellent restaurants.

Your memorable family vacation in Cancun

Your family deserves only the best, and when it comes to a family vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, the best is lived in Cancun, where the beaches, the sun and an unparalleled blue sea will be part of your everyday. To have an even more enjoyable family vacation in Cancun, stay at our impeccable beachfront resorts in Cancun Hotel Zone and bask in the best accommodations, amenities and services.

Family Vacation Experience in Puerto Morelos

Your luxury vacation experience in Puerto Morelos also includes a great deal of fun and incredible landscapes that will make everyone return home with a smile! Explore the Maya jungle in search of incredible cenotes and on your way, visit the crocodile zoo to learn about them, do some snorkeling on a beautiful coral reef and have a great time sailing. Experience all there is to do in Puerto Morelos!

Your children will have a blast in this amazing destination, thanks to the incredibly fun and entertaining activities for kids, available at the resort. They will have fun playing hockey, Mexican games, movie time, etc., while making new friends in a safe environment while you relax by the pool.

The route of the cenotes awaits you to explore every single one of them and live refreshing moments swimming, snorkeling and diving in its crystalline blue waters. Enter the Maya jungle and discover why these incredible cenotes (sink holes) were sacred to the ancient Maya people. Know them all!

The prehistoric era is so that you have a close look at some of its oldest creatures. Crocodiles have survived millions of years until now as witness of the changes that the earth has suffered. Visit this park where you will interact with some animals. Dare to walk among your crocodile friends.

Puerto Morelos is an idyllic place for you to have a great snorkeling time! Let yourself be amazed by the incredible submarine natural marvels of a great coral reef barrier where your sea friends such as turtles, sponges and colorful fish will be waiting for you… a spectacle you cannot miss.

Set sail for an adventure in the Mexican Caribbean waters, on board of a boat or a catamaran that will take you to live a relaxing and fun excursion. Experience the sea at a different level and spend amazing moments with your family, friends or your significant other sailing in Puerto Morelos.

A family vacation to remember in Puerto Morelos

Some feet away from the incredible beaches in the Caribbean, you will a find a family vacation destination in the Mexican Caribbean, called Puerto Morelos, which will fill your days with amazing natural marvels and attractions for everyone. Experience the joy of a luxury family vacation in Puerto Morelos by staying at a lavish beachfront resort offering the lavish amenities and exclusive services.

Family Vacation Experience in Playa del Carmen

Ready to live a once in a lifetime vacation experience in Playa del Carmen? Come with your family and let the fun begin through the array of activities and entertainment you will have in this quaint destination. Let the kids play at our Kids Club or visit our superb theme parks. Spend family quality time at the 3D Museum and be amazed by wonderful circus arts. Do it all with Royal Reservations!

Imagine there is a fantastic place for your children, a great spot where they can play board games, watch movies, make handicrafts and arts, and do a great deal of other incredibly fun attractions and activities. Everything in a safe and friendly environment, with kind and inclusive staff members.

A myriad of activities is waiting for you at Xel-Ha Park near Playa del Carmen. Experience one of the most amazing natural marvels of the Mexican Caribbean in a place that has it all, from family activities to adventures swimming in refreshing rivers. Relax in the hammocks area after a good swim.

Ready for the best fun of the theme parks in Playa del Carmen? Discover all the amazing ecotourism parks available for you to have a great time and visit them all during your vacations. Do a bit of everything, from zip lining, swimming and snorkeling to sailing a raft in an underwater river and more.

The world of birds is open for you in Xaman-Ha Aviary, in Playa del Carmen. This beautiful place is a reminder of what nature would look like if it remained untouched by men. It is home to all kinds of endemic birds from the Yucatan Peninsula, living in complete harmony with their environment.

Presenting JOYA, a fantastic show with more than 80 artists, the company Cirque du Soleil offers not only amazing performances and music that reach the heart of the audience to tell a beautiful and interesting story about life, but also a culinary experience that complements perfectly the experience.

This interactive museum in Playa del Carmen will become one of your favorites! Here, you can touch, play and take pictures with you included in the paintings. Begin your journey in the world of art and become part of the scenery with incredible and funny pictures that will be worth sharing back home.

Live the joy of family vacations in Playa del Carmen

Spend unforgettable moments with your beloved ones on a family vacation in Playa del Carmen, and discover all there is to live and do in this quaint beach destination facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea. To enhance your family vacation in Playa del Carmen, stay at our amazing beachfront resort and enjoy beautiful accommodations with exclusive amenities, activities and impeccable facilities.

Family Vacation Experience in Riviera Maya

The secrets of the Riviera Maya are waiting for the intrepid travelers to discover them! Become an explorer and live the amazing adventures of this magic destination at any of its incredible theme parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha. Experience swimming and snorkeling in the cenotes or the adrenaline of zip-lines, to end your day with an incredible circus show… This and more, only with Royal Reservations!

Be the star of the show at the 3D Museum of Wonders in Playa del Carmen! This place is like no other you have ever seen. Here you will be the main piece of the paintings and through a picture you will discover the fabulous illusions of which you will be an active part. Take incredible memories home!

At Xcaret Park in the Riviera Maya, you will begin a journey to the greatness of Mexico and the Maya people. Live unforgettable moments with the great variety of activities and attractions of this fabulous natural place. Taste delicious Mexican dishes, see incredible shows and walk the Maya jungle.

Also known as the largest natural aquarium in the world, due to the amount of flora and fauna species it is home to, Xel-Ha is a worth-visiting theme park in the Riviera Maya! Have fun and enjoy doing a variety of activities like snorkeling, swimming, zip lining, swimming with dolphins and more.

For your adventurous side, in the Riviera Maya you will have a varied offer of theme parks offering zip lining over the Mayan jungle. Some of them are the longest and other the highest, depending on your courage is the one you’ll be choosing. One of your best options for this activity is Xplor Park.

Cenotes (sink holes) are a marvel created by nature over thousands of years. They are connected through underwater rivers providing them with crystal clear water that is home to small and friendly fish. They are ideal to swim and doing snorkeling, besides, its waters are fresh and restorative.

From Mexico to the world, Cirque du Soleil presents JOYA, one of the most beautiful works of this amazing company that arrived to stay in the Riviera Maya. It tells the story of an alchemist and his grand-daughter trying to discover the secrets of life… simply an amazing journey for the senses.

The luxury family vacation you deserve in the Riviera Maya

Experience a luxury family vacation in the Riviera Maya, a paradise to be discovered by your eyes. Take your family to this haven of relaxation and fun facing the blue-hued sea of the Mexican Caribbean. Book your stay at our luxury beachfront resort boasting lavish amenities and services in the Riviera Maya, and explore the fantastic attractions and incredible natural marvels of this destination.

Family Vacation Experience in Sint Maarten

Have you really experienced St. Maarten island? Let us give you a hint of all the incredible things you will experience during your vacations in this paradise-like Caribbean spot. Discover the incredible world of butterflies; visit a traditional farm and then a fort and its many battles. Relax on the beach or live extreme adventures that will amaze your whole family with Royal Reservations.

This is a beautiful activity in St. Maarten that you can share with the whole family. Live a great experience and learn about these incredible little animals on an enlightening tour. Witness a butterfly release and receive some milkweed seeds for free, so that you can attract Monarchs to your garden.

Experience some of the history of St. Maarten at Fort Louis, an impressive fortress overlooking Marigot Bay, which main purpose was to defend the warehouses where the goods of the island were stored. Witness of many battles, this fort will tell you incredible stories through its walls and corridors.

Offering hoverboarding, surf, jetski and more, Jet Extreme in St. Maarten will raise the adrenaline of your trip to the max. Let the professionals guide you so that you have the best experience possible during your tour. You will also have some moments to relax and swim in the nice Caribbean waters.

If you are into extreme adventures and outdoor activities, Loterie Farm in St. Maarten is the right place for you! Live an ecotourism experience climbing, hiking and gliding on a canopy over the trees. Also have dinner with wine in close connecting with nature. In this place you have it all.

Located on the French side of St. Maarten, this beautiful sandy spot also known as Coconut Grove or L’Embouchure, is the ideal beach for families with small kids due to its shallow and calm waters. Also, if you are a surf or kite-boarding lover, you will have a great time in the waters of this beach.

St. Maarten… only unique family vacations

Visiting St. Maarten island for your family vacations? Book your stay at our beach and Marina front resorts boasting great amenities, to have the most memorable time on this fabulous Caribbean island that offers you not only the adventure of seeing a plane land a few meters above your head while you relax on the beach, but also incredible attractions and activities for all the family members.

Family Vacation Experience in Curacao

Create memorable vacation experiences with your beloved ones in Curacao! On your visit to this Caribbean island you will not only enjoy the relaxation of its beaches and the nice houses and buildings of Willemstad, but also you will find super fun activities for kids and adults! Discover that Curacao has ostriches and the greatness of the marine life of our beautiful ocean with Royal Reservations.

Visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium, a unique place that recreates the natural conditions and environment for sea creatures to live as if they were into the wild. It combines an open-water system with natural sunlight for this purpose, which ensures that your new sea friends are healthy and happy.

If you want to make your kids really happy, take them on a ride by trolley train in Curacao. Know the surroundings of Willemstad city and its historic places. Also know Fort Amsterdam, the Floating Market where you can find fresh fish and vegetables, and the picturesque buildings of Scharloo.

Yes, there are ostriches in Curacao! This will be a great surprise for your kids, since we are sure they have never seen a bird that big and when you show them its eggs… the largest eggs laid by any bird species ever. Learn interesting facts about this animal and the preservation efforts at the farm.

A beautiful white sand beach with the best attractions is waiting for you at Curacao island. Due to a great location with bars, restaurants, small stores and shopping malls around, Mambo beach combines a bit of a paradise destination and a great Caribbean ambiance of music and delicious food.

Unforgettable family vacations in Curacao

On your next family vacations on Curacao island you will have the chance to experience some of the best beaches of the Caribbean, as well as incredible water and land activities for the whole family to have a blast! And to make this experience even better, book your accommodation with Royal Reservations to have a relaxing time with great amenities, excellent services and impeccable facilities.

Family Vacation Experience in Punta Cana

Punta Cana opens the doors of its heavenly beaches and the characteristic blue of the Caribbean waters for you and your family to live a vacation experience like no other! Explore every corner of this beautiful spot in the Dominican Republic, all you have to do is walk along its secluded beaches, snorkel the bottom of the sea, ride a buggy at full speed, visit your manatee friends and more.

Few beaches in the world are as beautiful as Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana. Its wide extension of golden sands is as soft as powder and the waters are warm and clear, making it the best beach to take a walk and bathe under the Caribbean sun. Have an incredible time relaxing on this amazing beach.

This is a unique experience you have to live during your vacations in Punta Cana. Take the Safari tour and have fun learning about the Dominican Republic’s culture and history, with amazing landscapes as main background. We can assure you that on this activity there will be no place for boredom.

In Punta Cana you will get the chance to see the longest coral reef of the Dominican Republic, just take a snorkeling tour and start enjoying the underwater marvels of the Caribbean Sea. You will discover why Punta Cana is considered as one of the top snorkeling destinations around the world.

This theme park in Punta Cana, will be a complete success among every member of your family and will complete your fun family vacations. Live incredible experiences knowing the local flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic and learn about a fascinating culture of this island, the Taino people.

For your Punta Cana family vacation to be the best, this is one of the tours you have to take, the Buggy fun! Suitable for kids and adults, this activity will provide you with the adventure and adrenaline you need during your vacation. Learn about life on the island on this tour in Punta Cana.

Punta Cana, only luxury family vacations

Punta Cana is a paradise in the Dominican Republic that boast unspoiled and secluded beaches, which guarantees a relaxing yet entertaining time for both you and your kids, during your incredible family vacation on this Caribbean destination. Enhance your family experience by booking with Royal Reservations and live luxury amenities and accommodations in amazing beachfront resort facilities.