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Important Information About My Royal Program

New and current subscribers looking to book and stay with us for the first time will be entitled to an extra 8% discount, which is applicable on top of our current offers (Please note that certain restrictions may apply).

For returning travelers subscribed to My Royal and have had previous stays with us with reservations made through our official websites such as,,, or our contact center, we will extend a special repetitive customer benefit of a 10% additional discount.

These exclusive "My Royal" discounts can be accessed and redeemed by logging into the My Royal portal with your registered account while making your reservation.

Please be aware that My Royal additional discounts cannot be combined with each other or with any ongoing promotions or discounts. Moreover, they do not apply to Hotel + Flight packages.

Previous stays made through other online travel agencies other than our official websites or contact center will not be eligible for returning customer discounts.

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