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Wellness and Spa Experiences with Royal Reservations

Live Unique Relaxing Experiences With Royal Reservations

Leave the world behind and experience that feeling of unsurpassed wellness in our Spa destinations in the Mexican Caribbean and the Caribbean Islands. Forget the stress on a wellness trip that will take you to beach paradises like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, where your spirit and body will receive renewing and exciting treatments that will relax you to the fullest.

Also enjoy the indulgent massages and body treatments you will receive in our resorts of Curacao, St. Maarten and Punta Cana, and indulge in what will be one of the most restorative trips in these beautiful ocean-front hideaways.

Royal reservations, experts in wellness and relaxation vacations to spa destinations, will take you to live an experience that will revitalize your mind and soul.

Wellness & Spa Experiences Cancun

Your body and soul will be grateful to be in Cancun! Make yourself comfortable while we pamper you with a relaxing spa massage or treatment facing the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Keep in shape while on vacation at the fitness center and then go for a well-deserved grooming at the beauty salon. And if you want a mindfulness time, we invite you to take a temazcal bath or a yoga session.

Keep in shape facing the blue waters of Cancun by practicing beach yoga! In this activity you will stretch every muscle of your body while setting your mind in a peaceful mode, with the help of the feeling of the soft sandy beach and the sound of the sea coming to you with every move.

Live a luxury spa experience with the unwinding and lavish spa treatments you will have at your disposal in the resort. Whether you want a relaxing, deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage, or a luxury wrap or facial, receiving also an attentive service at all times, it will renew you mind and body.

In shape during your Cancun vacations? It is possible to be fit at the fitness center of your resort in Cancun. Experience doing exercise at a state-of-the-art gym, with all the necessary equipment to do your cardio and weight routine, or ask our fitness instructor to set a new routine for you.

Experience a traditional temazcal bath and live wellness at its best during your vacations in Cancun. Receive a therapeutic treatment based on natural herbs and let the healthy vapors of the temazcal revitalize your body and your soul. Relax and feel the wellness of ancient Mexican medicine.

Be ready for a marvelous beautifying treatment at the beauty salon! If you are planning a night out for a romantic dinner, hang out with your friends at the nightclub or simply want to receive a pedicure and manicure, pay a visit to a beauty salon in Cancun. After that, just go out and shine!

Experience the wellbeing of being in Cancun

Escape the stress of routine and everyday life to get to a world where indulging yourself in a wellness and spa experience in Cancun, will be your everyday. Get a delightful massage and a delicate facial and body treatment and then head to the amazing suite or villa with exclusive amenities and services you booked with us, Royal Reservations, at any or our beachfront resorts in Cancun.

Wellness & Spa Experiences Playa del Carmen

At Playa del Carmen you will always have a moment of relaxation whether through the relaxation that the beaches and the sea provide you or with a wellness and spa experience in the Royal Reservation style. Visit our exclusive spa and receive the treatment of your choice, do some yoga facing the Caribbean Sea, detox your body and mind with a temazcal bath or do your exercise routine to keep in shape.

Give yourself a break from the sun and the pools, leave the kids play safely at the Kids Club and experience the wellbeing of lavish spa body treatments and facials, or receive a Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, aromatherapy or Thai massage to rejuvenate and revitalize your mind and body.

Find your inner peace with a yoga session facing the Caribbean Sea, or check out the activities program and receive a yoga lesson so that you learn some moves and can continue practicing during your Playa del Carmen vacation. Experience this wellness activity and fill your body with the breeze of the sea.

Experience the benefic feeling brought to you by an ancient Mexican wellness practice called temazcal. Give yourself the chance to be in a temazcal bath in which your body and soul will find the perfect balance through the herbal therapeutic vapors arising from the heart of the temazcal structure.

We know that being in good shape, even during your vacations in Playa del Carmen, is important and for you to keep on exercising the way you like, at your resort you will find a modern and well equipped fitness center so that you can do your cardio and weights routine.

For your inner beauty to match perfectly with the outside in a wellness and spa experience like no other, receive all the attention your body needs and get your manicure and pedicure done, or go for a new haircut and makeup to go out to the nightclub or that fancy restaurant and shake the night.

Find your relaxation and wellness retreat in Playa del Carmen

Retreat to a world where relaxation and wellbeing are the most important thing you will have to take care of, during your vacations in Playa del Carmen. Leave your worries behind and focus on enjoying your pleasant stay at our magnificent beachfront resort of this beautiful beach destination. Experience the best views and accommodations, excellent amenities and fine services of your relaxing haven.

Wellness & Spa Experiences Riviera Maya

Live the perfect wellness and spa experience in the Riviera Maya with Royal Reservations and the splendid treatments and massages you will receive at our lavish spa. You can also have a traditional temazcal bath with purifying herbs. Enhance your beauty at the beauty salon and exercise in the fitness center doing cardio or weights. We have everything to pamper your body and soul the way you deserve.

A place of lavish treatments and delightful massages is here to take you on a journey of peace and relaxation like never before. Discover the wellness experience of a luxury spa that offers you the chance of forgetting about the outside world so that you can focus on your body revitalization.

A delicate vapor of medicinal herbs will provide you with its benefits in the inside of a temazcal bath. Feel the energy of the sacred belly button of mother earth and live a wellness experience in which you will find the balance among body, mind and soul, during your vacations in the Riviera Maya.

Let your spirit feel the breeze of the Caribbean Sea to release the everyday stress and worries, and let in the peace with a yoga session facing the immense blue ocean. If you want to experience yoga for the first time, then this will be a luxury yet enlightening experience of wellbeing for you.

We know the importance of feeling well and beautiful for you, therefore, during your incredible vacations in the Riviera Maya, we will make sure you receive only the best beauty and wellbeing treatments and services, whether you want to change your hairstyle, get your makeup or nails done.

A healthy mind in a healthy body… Your fitness requirements will be completely fulfilled at our state-of-the-art fitness center boasting all the necessary equipment for you to be in good shape during your vacations in the Riviera Maya. Ask the professional instructor to set a routine for you or do your own and enjoy yourself.

The Riviera Maya, a haven of relaxation and wellness

Are you ready to enjoy a traditional temazcal ritual, wellness yoga sessions and other superb activities specially thought for your wellbeing and relaxation? Experience this and more in your Riviera Maya relaxing vacation, but also be ready for a luxurious rest in the lavish accommodations, prime amenities and world-class service, Royal Reservations has for you in this beach destination.

Wellness & Spa Experiences Puerto Morelos

It is always a good moment to cultivate your spirit and your mind. Puerto Morelos will provide you with the tranquility you need to live the utmost wellness and spa experience. Try doing yoga to begin your day on the right foot; go to the fitness center for some serious workout, then head to the spa and let us pamper you with a lavish treatment or a massage, and finish the day at the beauty salon.

Yoga is an amazing activity to start your day or to practice it at the sunset. Give your body and mind the opportunity to experience its benefits facing the Caribbean Sea, during your Puerto Morelos vacations. Practice your yoga poses on the beach or take a look at your resort’s activities program.

Experience the ancient medicinal knowledge of the Mexican people through a temazcal bath in which you will be able to feel the benefits and wellbeing of herbal vapors. Live a moment of inner peace and restoration of the body in a traditional steam bath, during your vacations in Puerto Morelos.

Give yourself a rest from the amazing lined-up beaches and spend a moment of relaxation and rest by receiving a lavish treatment such as facials and wraps, or a pleasant massage that ranges from the relaxing to the pinda sweda therapeutic one. Find that body and mind balance on your Puerto Morelos vacations.

If keeping in good shape is important for you even while on vacations, then visit the state-of-the-art fitness center available at your resort, keep up with the hard exercising work and enjoy your wellness experience! You can do your own workout routine or ask the instructor to give you a new one.

You just found out you would like your hairstyle changed or want someone to get your manicure done while on vacations in Puerto Morelos? Visit the beauty salon to get the haircut you like and get your nails done in order to go out to dance or just to feel even more beautiful than you already are.

Puerto Morelos, an original wellbeing and spa experience

Aside from the unwinding moments you will live in the tranquility of the beaches and by the turquoise waters of this small fishing village, Puerto Morelos, we invite you to discover the ultimate wellness and spa experience of our luxury resort, boasting world-class amenities, lavish accommodations, fine dining experiences and incredible activities. Book now your luxury stay with Royal Reservations!

Wellness & Spa Experiences Sint Maarten

Experience paradise in a different way through a wellness and spa vacation in St. Maarten. Start your day with a yoga lesson on the beach and let the sea take away all your worries, then head to the fitness center to do some relaxing exercises. And if you are planning to go out for the night, visit our magnificent spa to receive a special treatment and go for a nice hairstyle at the beauty salon.

St. Maarten and its beautiful beaches welcome you to a wellness experience in which you and your companions will discover the benefits of beach yoga. Enjoy the view while feeling the salty Caribbean air filling your lungs with every move, and let your mind fly over the blue waters of the sea.

Beauty is the combination of the inside and the outside of you. Now that you are in St. Maarten, experience the wellbeing of inner peace in combination with a fresh new style on your hair, great makeup and a nice manicure, and get ready to spend an amazing night out to live it up on your vacations!

The relaxation and wellbeing spa experience you will live during your vacations in St. Maarten will have no match. Get that so-much-longed-for delicious body or facial treatment, and then let yourself be pampered by the hands of a professional massager that will revitalize your body and mind.

A well-equipped and state-of-the-art fitness center is all you need to keep up with the great exercising work even during your vacations in St. Maarten! Live the wellness experience of working out with great cardio and weights equipment and enjoy doing your exercise routine.

St. Maarten, the heaven of wellness and spa experiences

At St. Maarten, a small but nice island in the Caribbean, you will have everything to gaze into the utmost relaxation with the array of wellness activities this beautiful destination has to offer. And to end a day of wellbeing by the sea, find your way to your marvelous accommodations boasting exclusive amenities and services or go to the spa for a lavish treatment, a facial or a massage.

Wellness & Spa Experiences Curacao

Your wellbeing and relaxation will be fulfilled in Curacao through the wellness and spa experiences you will live during your Royal Reservations vacation. After a walk on the beach and all the amazing adventures you will do, relax working out at the fitness center and then let your spirit and body be pampered with a spa treatment, and if you want to stretch a little bit, go a great yoga lesson.

Experience a new way of doing yoga while on vacations in the incredible island of Curacao, and try AquaChi Yoga, a low-impact exercise with different yoga asanas to enhance your balance, flexibility and strength. And you prefer it, just take out your mat and do traditional yoga on the beach.

It will be really easy to keep in shape during your unforgettable vacation experience in Curacao, for at your resort you will have a great and modern fitness center, equipped with excellent cardio and weights machines for you to work out at your own rhythm and with your exercise routine.

Are you ready for a sublime spa experience on your Curacao vacation? The relaxation and tranquility you seek for will be a reality in the spa of your resort and at the other incredible options you will have on the island. Receive a beauty treatment and that relaxing massage you deserve.

A paradise of wellness in Curacao

Ready for a Curacao spa & wellness experience like no other? On this Caribbean quaint island your relaxation dreams will be completely fulfilled by the sea, at the moonlight, etc. Take pleasure in the simple things in life and also, in the amazing accommodations Royal Reservations has for you, including fantastic amenities, excellent services and wonderful views of the Marina and the sea.

Wellness & Spa Experiences Punta Cana

A renewed you is about to emerge thanks to the wellness and spa experiences you will have in your Punta Cana vacations, with Royal Reservations. Let the worries fly away while receiving a massage and any treatment you desire. Keep your body in shape by exercising in the fitness center or taking a yoga lesson, and let your natural beauty shine with a new hairstyle and makeup at the beauty salon.

Live a delightful and detoxifying spa experience in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, and enjoy your amazing vacations in this beautiful beach destination of the Caribbean. Delight in lavish body treatments, facials and relaxing massages on the beach, at moonlight or in luxury spa facilities.

A beautifying experience of wellness and peacefulness is waiting for you on your next Caribbean vacations in Punta Cana. Do you want to change the color of your hair or get a pedicure to show off your beautiful feet on the beach? Then any of the fabulous beauty options in Punta Cana will do for you.

Keep fit and also take out the stress with a wide variety of activities like bike riding on the beach aerobics or bocce ball you will be able to do during your vacations in Punta Cana, go to the fitness center of your resort (available in some resorts) and do your exercise routine to be in shape.

Experience the great diversity of yoga poses and styles such as hatha, yin and vinyasa with the Caribbean Sea as inspiring background. Take your daily yoga session to let your inner peace out while the air of the Caribbean fills your lungs and sets you in a meditative state of wellbeing.

Punta Cana, where wellness and relaxation is your everyday

The ultimate relaxation and wellness experience is here in Punta Cana, through the amazing views to the vast sea while doing yoga on its golden beaches, or taking a delicate massage under the moonlight. Live the moment and get the rest you deserve in our luxury beachfront resort, offering the best of accommodations, boasting incredible amenities and activities, and top-class facilities by the sea.