Best known for its amazing beaches and a great extension of coral reefs, home to numerous marine flora and fauna species, Curacao is a beautiful Caribbean island bathed by the rays of the sun all year round and a calm blue sea. The capital city, Willemstad, is surrounded by Dutch architecture beauty in pastel colors, and there are so many attractions and activities such as visiting the famous Liquor Distillery or the Curacao museums.

The natural marvels of the island are also present in national parks like Christoffel Park and Seher Boka Park. But if you are seeking for some entertainment, then head to the Curacao Sea Aquarium which is one of the few in the world to create natural environments for its marine creatures. Of course, you will also find a great deal of boutiques and souvenir stores, as well as excellent international and traditional restaurants.

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Culinary Experience in Curacao

Culinary Experience in Curacao

The colors and savor of Curacao will welcome you at any of the various restaurants boasting the best and most original dishes from the national traditional with creole flavor cuisine. There, you will also find the freshest of fish and seafood cooked on a barbeque, fine cuts of meat, delicious salads as well as international delights like sushi. Get ready to taste a bit of Curacao through the many delicacies available for you to enjoy a nice typical "snack" while sipping a glass of the famous Curacao liqueur to enhance your experience.