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The Royal Care Standard

At Royal Resorts, the health and safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. We have always operated to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards, but to meet the COVID-19 challenge, we are raising them even more with a new level of care and hygiene called the Royal Care Standard. As part of the Royal Care Standard and our continued commitment to your safety, additional hygiene and sanitation protocols are being implemented in guest rooms, public areas, offices and back of house where staff work behind the scenes, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Mexican Department of Health and the World Health Organization.

Our greeting

We will welcome our members and guests with warm smiles, the traditional Yucatan greeting of the hand placed over the heart known as Ki’ imak K’iin, and the hospitality that has been our hallmark for more than 40 years.


Cleaning Protocols

We are going above and beyond our rigorous sanitation standards with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of rooms, public spaces such as restaurants, bars and convenience stores, offices and back of the house areas. This includes the use of new technology such as electrostatic sprayers and ozone systems.

High traffic areas and surfaces including doors, door handles, tables and countertops, elevator buttons and handrails are cleaned and disinfected repeatedly during the day. Other measures include placing disinfecting mats at the entrances to the resorts, spraying luggage before taking it to rooms and increased cleaning of the air-conditioning system.

Social distancing

Signage around the resorts will remind guests to keep a safe distance and avoid physical contact. We have also adjusted procedures to allow for social distancing and to reduce lines. For example, the maximum capacity of the elevators is limited to four guests at a time, there are changes to restaurant seating plans, and even the sun loungers will be rearranged on the pool deck and beach to ensure a safe distance between families.

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Arriving guests will find a complimentary hygiene kit in their room, including a bottle of hand sanitizer, face masks and disinfecting wipes for them to use.

Around the resorts, there are hand sanitizer dispensers in all guest and staff restrooms, at Reception and other guest service desks, at the entrances to our restaurants and bars, in the Spa, gyms, activity centers and kids clubs and convenience stores.

Our Rooms

We have also incorporated additional sanitation protocols and disinfectants in our room cleaning process for your safety. All frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, appliances, tables and countertops receive extra care. Mattresses, pillows, cushions and soft furnishings will be cleaned and then sanitized using electrostatic sprayers.

In addition to the daily hygiene process, all rooms will be deep cleaned after each occupancy.

As an additional precaution, we have removed all print publications from our rooms. Guests can scan a QR code to consult the Room Service menu, the Resort Tips guide featuring guest service information and resort rules, and our annual magazine Royal Resorts Life online.


Our Restaurants and Bars

All our restaurants have the Distintivo H certificate awarded by the Mexican Tourism Board for excellence in kitchen hygiene and food storage and preparation standards. Nevertheless, we have reinforced sanitation procedures and cleaning frequency during the day.

All restaurant staff will wear face masks and gloves. New seating plans in our restaurants and bars allow for greater separation between tables. Buffet service has been modified to reduce lines and other changes include greater use of individual portions, more show cooking stations and a member of staff on hand to serve diners as they make their buffet choices, instead of sharing serving utensils.

All our restaurants and bars offer contactless menus, accessible online by scanning a QR code.

We have increased the cleaning and disinfection of furniture and equipment in the Activity Centers and at the Kids Club

Activity Centers, Kids Clubs and Sports

We want our guests to have fun safely when participating in daily sports and activities. We have increased the cleaning and disinfection of furniture and equipment in the Activity Centers and at the Kids Club. Both areas also undergo deep cleaning on Saturdays using ozone technology.

Kids Club staff will divide children into groups of four for each activity and ensure that they follow hygiene instructions, including social distancing, hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.

All equipment used in activities or available for sign out from the Sports Desk (tennis rackets, golf clubs, balls, bicycles, board games, toys, etc.) is cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Sun loungers and chairs are cleaned and disinfected every day.

At the Spa

We have also introduced extra sanitization measures at the Spa, in treatment rooms, for preparation counters and utensils, in the wet area, beauty salon and the gyms. Only two people may use the Jacuzzi and sauna at the same time and all staff will be wearing face masks.

The number of people permitted in the gyms has been reduced and workouts are for a maximum of 45 to 50 minutes to allow for additional cleaning time.

Getting Around

The inter-resort shuttle bus, employee buses and the vans used to transport guests to the Airport and on tours will be cleaned and disinfected after every journey. The number of passengers permitted in each vehicle has been reduced to allow for social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be available for passenger use in all vehicles.

Special rates for private transport to the airport are available through Thomas More Travel.

We are caring for our dedicated staff and monitoring their health constantly

Our Staff

We are caring for our dedicated staff and monitoring their health constantly. They will be using face masks and/or plastic visors and some will wear gloves as they attend guests and go about their duties. They receive constant training on COVID-19 awareness, including reinforcing the importance of hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing during the day.

Medical Attention

Medical service is available at the resorts 24 hours. In the event that a guest begins to feel unwell, has a temperature or respiratory symptoms, the resort will notify the Mexican Department of Health immediately and follow directives on self-isolation, care and sanitation


Safe Travels Cetificate

Safe Travels approved by World Travel & Tourism Council

Safe Travels Cetificate Royal Resorts

Certified in health protection and sanitation preventive controls

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