The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort Restaurants

Curacao Resort dining options

Start your Curacao taste tour in The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort with delicious food prepared by talented chef Augusto Ceccotti and don’t miss grill at the Pool area on Sundays. There are many other fine Curacao restaurants within walking distance of the resort and in Willemstad to tempt your taste buds and you can go global when it comes to the menus.

Sea food and Italian pasta in Curacao Restaurants

International favorites, fresh seafood and Italian pasta are prepared with flair by Chef Augusto Ceccotti on the waterfront at THE ROYAL SEA AQUARIUM RESORT. If you would like something different, please tell your waiter, special orders are welcome. Open daily for lunch and for dinner.

International specialities of the island of Curacao
Island Flavors

The local seafood is fresh and flavorful and Caribbean and Latin American dishes are widely available. Try the traditional Indonesian rijsttafel, or indulge yourself with spicy Indian food, French, Swiss, Surinamese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. If you are a meat lover, you’ll find everything from hamburgers to prime steaks and BBQ ribs.

dinner at sunset in curacao resort
The Night is Young

Cocktails at sunset and a candlelit dinner on the waterfront are the perfect way to start your evening. Follow it up with live music in a beach bar, the repertoire includes reggae, rock, merengue, salsa, jazz and the traditional island beat of tumba.