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Best Deal Guaranteed

Direct booking is always your best option

At Royal Reservations our commitment is to deliver you only the best. Your vacation experience does not start from the moment of your arrival to any of our 9 properties in Mexico and the Caribbean Islands; it begins from the moment you book your stay with Royal Reservations.  We want you to be confident that direct booking is always your best option; you will not only be getting the Best Deal Guaranteed but the lowest online price and exclusive benefits only available at Royal Reservations

No matter which resort you choose, Royal Reservations guarantees that you will not find a lower rate anywhere online or with a travel agency.

What happens if you find a better rate? We will match the price refunding the difference(*) plus give you a bonus credit of $50 USD(**)Learn more.

In the unlikely event that a lower rate is made available for any of our resorts in any website or online travel agency after confirming your reservation, you will have to contact us via email at informing us about the possibility of a better rate elsewhere. We will evaluate each case individually and will provide you with a statement within less than 48 working hours.

Terms & Conditions

The Best Deal Guaranteed policy only applies if it meets the following conditions. 

  1. Guest must have an active and confirmed reservation before entering a Best Deal Guaranteed claim.
  2. Guest must contact us within the next 48 hours after(***) confirming a reservation to submit a claim via email at with the following:
    1. Complete guest information such as name, phone number and alternate email address as well as your Royal Reservations confirmation number.
    2. Information about the “alleged lower rate” found such as: site’s URL and screen shot of the site with the rate clearly visible.
    3. Complete information about the “alleged lower rate” such as: final price (including taxes, tips -if applicable- and any other surcharge that compliments the final rate) and cancellation policy.
  3. The 'alleged lower rate' must be online and bookable at the moment of verification.
  4. The 'alleged lower rate' must meet the following conditions to be valid for a claim.
    1. Must be for the same hotel.
    2. Must be for the same arrival date and length of stay.
    3. Must be for the same room type.
    4. Must be for the same number of occupants (same combination –adults / children-)
    5. Must be for the same plan.
    6. Must have the same payment policy.
    7. Must have the same cancellation policy.
  5. The Best Deal Guaranteed policy only applies for the final / total price of the stay (including taxes, tips -if applicable- and any other surcharge that compliments the final rate); partial rates and costs per night do not apply for the Best Deal Guaranteed policy.
  6. The difference to match between our price and the 'alleged lower rate' must be at least 5% under our final rate, difference in rates due to miscalculations or round-ups will not be considered
  7. Claims must be processed before arrival, once checked in there will be no compensation, adjustment or refund.


  1. The Best Deal Guaranteed policy does not apply for reservations with additional charges to the accommodations not related to the original rate i.e. upgrades, enhancements, etc.
  2. The Best Deal Guaranteed policy does not apply when the 'alleged lower rate' is not live, public and bookable.
  3. The Best Deal Guaranteed does not apply to rates that include but are not limited to:
    1. Rates quoted for hotels not affiliated to Royal Resorts Group, (even having the same room type, amenities during the same dates).
    2. Corporates rates
    3. Group rates
    4. Royal Resorts members rates
    5. Special rates offered on email, newsletters or social media campaigns.
    6. Special rates available through affiliations programs with AAA or AARP or any other organization that offers unique benefits to its members not available for general public.
    7. Special rates applicable for loyalty or frequent traveler programs.
    8. Special rates from reward programs made available by the booking provider.
    9. Special rates available on auctions
    10. Special rates through brokers.
    11. Package rates, that is, rates derived from bundle rates that may include flights, car rental or any other combination.
    12. Rates that can be activated by any username and password.
    13. Rates not quoted in US dollars that is, price changes due to fluctuations in any exchange rate.
    14. Prepaid rates with points.
    15. Opaque rates offered by lodging suppliers that do not reveal the hotel’s name until the reservation process is complete.
    16. Rates only available via mobile versions of websites.
    17. Preferential rates obtained by using specials, exclusive deals or discount coupons

Best Deal Guaranteed policy validity on our site

Our Best Deal Guaranteed policy can be applied against official rates available on our site in the event that our rates went down even upon the arrival date, this can apply if the following rules are met.

  1. The 'alleged lower rate' must be the same exact promotion chosen in the beginning, this is:
    1. Must be for the same hotel.
    2. Must be for the same arrival date and length of stay.
    3. Must be for the same room type.
    4. Must be for the same number of occupant (same combination –adults / children-)
    5. Must be for the same occupancy base plan.
    6. Must be for the same benefits and inclusions.
    7. Must be for the same payment policy.
    8. Must be for the same cancellation policy.
    9. Must be for the same promotion / rate plan name.
  2. This claim can only be processed once.

In any case, if the “alleged lower rate” meets the conditions previously stipulated, we commit to match the competing price refunding the difference(*) and also giving a bonus credit of $50 US(**) in no more than: 48 working hours; Should you need further information about our Best Deal Guaranteed Policy, please contact us.

(*) A refund will only be applicable if the reservation is fully paid. In any other case it will only apply a price match.

(**)The $50 US bonus credit can only be redeemed with Thomas More Travel our in-house travel agency; such credit will appear on your reservation as “Tour credit”, it must not be considered as cash money nor cannot be applicable against the reservation payment. In the event that such credit is not used or spent completely it will not be refunded nor will it be applicable to the final bill.

(***)When finding an “alleged lower rate” in any online booking site or online travel agency, guest will have up to 48 working hours in order to submit a claim, if it’s a Royal Reservations “alleged lower rate” guest can submit a claim any time after confirming a reservation but before the check in. 


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Last updated: August / 2016